Maid of Honor Duties Checklist

Are you a Maid of Honor for an upcoming wedding? Congratulations! Here is a list of all Maid of Honor duties that you should review to be the best Maid of Honor you can be. We recommend printing the Maid of Honor Checklist for your planner. (We like this one, if you are in the market)

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The Maid of Honor Checklist

General Maid of Honor Duties

  • Get in touch with the Bridesmaids (via email or your preferred group messaging system)
  • Start two group contact lists and/or email chains: one including the bride and one without
  • Contact the Mother of the Bride or other close relatives who you will partner with for the bridal shower, pre-wedding coordination, and other wedding day planning
  • Give your phone number and/or email address to the bridal party in case anyone needs to contact you. Know the details of the wedding plans or have them handy in case you get a question
  • Help with envelope stuffing and adding addresses for save the dates and invitations
  • Lend a hand with DIY decorations
  • If possible, attend dress shopping and fitting appointments
  • Check in on the Bride, assist her in any way she needs

Bridal Shower Maid of Honor Duties

  • Cohost or host bridal shower
  • Set a date
  • Assist in location reservation
  • Send out invitations to the Bride’s guest list
  • Choose a theme (tea party, tropical, fiesta, etc.)
  • Choose a catering company
  • Purchase decorations or DIY
  • Update guest list with rsvp responses
  • Purchase shower favors
  • Purchase or rent place settings
  • Lead games and the schedule for the day
  • Make a toast

Bachelorette Party Maid of Honor Duties

  • Ask for Bride’s desired guestlist
  • Choose the dates based on bridesmaids’ availability and friends’ availability
  • Choose location
  • Book accommodations
  • Keep track of party budget expenses and communicate the cost per person to each guest
  • Buy food for each meal and a few snacks; you may choose between eating out, cooking, or ordering in
  • Plan activities that will make the bride and her guests happy
  • Coordinate travel arrival times and keep in touch with guests
  • Commence the party and have fun as your plans come together to celebrate your bestie

Wedding Weekend Maid of Honor Duties

  • Bring your bridesmaid dress and accessories
  • Prepare a survival kit for the wedding day (tissues, band-aids, safety pins, bobby pins, chapstick, and more)
  • Check the arrival status of the bridesmaids and the bride
  • Attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, greeting other guests
  • Complete makeup/hair appointment or do your own hair and makeup
  • Provide food and/or snacks for the bridesmaids and bride before the ceremony
  • Get ready with the bride, helping her with anything she may need
  • Bring a contact card with all vendor contact information on it
  • Keep track of the rings and ensure they get to the right people prior to the ceremony
  • Straighten and maintain the bride’s veil and the dress’ train throughout the ceremony
  • Hold the bouquet for your bestie while she stands in front of her guests and recites her vows.
  • Smile and look fabulous in bridal party photos
  • Help the bride with her bustle, tying her train for reception dancing
  • If planned, make an announced entrance at the reception
  • Direct guests to the guestbook or any other special touch your bride designed
  • Give a toast to the happy couple
  • Move it on the dance floor
  • Pack gifts for the couple to have when they return from their honeymoon or minimoon
  • Celebrate a wedding season well organized