Bridesmaid Checklist 2021

You’re a Bridesmaid in an upcoming wedding. Here is an interactive Bridesmaid checklist to guide you on your bridesmaid duties.

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The Checklist

General Bridesmaid Tasks

  • Get in touch with fellow Bridesmaids (via email or the Maid of Honor’s preferred group messaging system)
  • Mark your calendar with all upcoming wedding events
  • Book a room in the hotel block (if applicable)
  • Order your Bridesmaid Dress
  • If needed, set up alteration appointment for the Bridesmaid Dress
  • Order any shoes and accessories the Bride wants the Bridal Party to have
  • Check to see if you are responsible for setting up wedding day hair and makeup appointments or if you will get ready together
  • Help with envelope stuffing and adding addresses for save the dates and invitations
  • Lend a hand with DIY decorations
  • If possible, attend dress shopping and fitting appointments
  • Check in on the Bride, assist her in any way she needs

Bridal Shower Bridesmaid Checklist

  • Attend the bridal shower and bring your best party conversation topics
  • Bring any games that the Maid of Honor or Mother of the Bride may need
  • Bring a gift from the registry or bring one of Bridesmaid Prep’s recommended personalized gifts
  • Help pack up gifts
  • Assist in cleanup

Bachelorette Bridesmaid Checklist

  • Book travel plans to the location
  • Contribute to party budget expenses
  • Plan activities that will make the bride and her guests happy
  • Commence the party and have fun as your plans come together to celebrate your bestie
  • Give either lingerie or one of our recommended bachelorette gifts

Wedding Weekend Bridesmaid Checklist

  • Bring your bridesmaid dress and accessories
  • Prepare a survival kit for the wedding day (tissues, band-aids, safety pins, bobby pins, chapstick, and more)
  • Attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, greeting other guests
  • Complete makeup/hair appointment or do your own hair and makeup
  • Get ready with the bride, helping her with anything she may need
  • Smile and look fabulous in bridal party photos
  • Help the bride with her bustle, tying her train for reception dancing
  • If planned, make an announced entrance at the reception
  • Direct guests to the guestbook or any other special touch your bride designed
  • Move it on the dance floor
  • Celebrate a wedding season well organized